Architect M�co, ejected from his protected but autocratic Dome, survives with the help of three Novigi, a strange people who can awaken the land and with it M�co’s long-dormant sexuality. When their fragile home is threatened by brutal gangs, the four discover they must become warriors to protect their new way of living and loving.

Jamie hoped his gig as playwright-in-residence at an urban theater would be the start of a new, proud life out of the closet. His new lover Spider gives him the courage to come out, but Spider has his own magical secrets that threaten their life together.

“Is there a place for me in this world? Someplace I can call home?” In this full-length anthology featuring contemporary, historical, fantasy, and steampunk stories, some of Torquere's favorite authors bring us stories of gay men seeking, finding, rediscovering, or struggling to find that one place in the world where they truly belong.
Reader advisory: Some of my works contain frank portrayals of same-sex eroticism, and all of them celebrate the full spectrum of adult gender and sexual identity and expression.
Before dawn and after dark, Lee Benoit is a writer of queer fiction, some contemporary, some speculative, some historical. During the daylight hours she is a professor of sociology & anthropology. In the old days, Lee traveled the world doing field research. Nowadays, she lives in the middle of a New England hayfield where being a two-spirit single parent provides more than enough excitement. Lee also paints watercolors, bakes wild-yeast sourdough bread, and shares her bed with a pair of cats and an abjectly adoring hound-retriever mutt. Whenever she gets itchy feet and misses the world of research and advocacy, Lee invents a new world in her head and takes notes on what happens there.
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If you like science fiction or future dystopian settings, give Servant of the Seasons a try.

Prefer fantasy? Have a look at the Dragonwalker stories or my Tides Universe. (Also recommended for folks who enjoy alternate history and magical realism.)

The Sister City stories are a good place to start if you enjoy contemporaries. And if you crave a little good-natured D/s with your romance, you can't go wrong with my Paulo & Preston tales!

Many of my stories feature non-white protagonists or interracial romances. Check out my stand-alone stories and the Paulo & Preston series to get started.

Don't know where to start? Check out the Bibliography of all of my stories in publication order by series. Each page includes excerpts, for a little low-stakes exploration. Or if you're really commitment-phobic, try one of my Free Reads!
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